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HardMan Review

When you are searching for in all-natural supplement to treat erectile dysfunction or just boost your performance in the bedroom, you want to make sure that you are not buying a product that will have nasty side-effects, costs an exorbitant amount of money, or is ineffective.  The fact that you are reading this review at all means that like me, you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of every kind of supplement you may decide to take.  That means researching and comparing products online.

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  • increases libido in men and women
  • increase erectile function
  • Improved sexual desire
  • Optimize overall sexual performance

Numerous studies have been conducted that show Eurycoma longifolia jack has many plant chemicals, also known as phytochemicals, that increase testosterone levels, and HardMan was designed to take advantage of these benefits.  Testosterone is the sex hormone responsible for normal sexual function in males, in addition to the development of the brain and sexual organs.  HardMan is a potent libido enhancer that will support normal libido and erectile function.  This supplement contains a 100:1 ratio of Tongkat ali extract, a another name for Eurycoma longifolia jack.  One kilogram of this extract requires 100kg of this herb for maximum potency and effective dosage.

Another ingredient in the HardMan supplement is epimedium, an excellent source for the flavonoid glycoside icariin.  This substance is similar to Viagra in that it will prevent activity of PDE–5, an enzyme that negatively affects the body by blocking blood flow into the penis’ cavernous body in the male and the clitoris in the female.  This disrupts the vascular system and weakens the erection while decreasing nerve endings’ sensitivity.  Since epimedium blocks that PD-5, it will stimulate nitric oxide production that leads the body to form cGMP, which is a cyclic nucleotide.  This cGMP responds by forcing relaxation in the smooth muscles to enhance the blood flow into the genitals.  This makes the penis hard enough for penetration during sex and keeps it harder longer.

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HardMan has also been called the Malaysian Viagra because it has powerful testosterone boosters, and has been used for hundreds of years to enhance sexual performance and libido levels.  Because this supplement restores normal sexual function, there’s no worry that you will have an erection all day.  When you are aroused, you will get an erection accordingly and it will shrink again afterwards.  Although side-effects for HardMan are very rare, if you do have an erection that will not go down, immediately stop taking the supplement and call your physician.

As long as you take a HardMan as directed, you’ll generally not have any side effects if the maximum recommended dosage is not exceeded.  Some men have experienced nausea, sleeplessness, or blurred vision in rare occasions.  As with any supplement, stop taking this treatment if you experience adverse effects.  It is always a good idea to talk your physician before starting any new supplement program, and you should definitely call your doctor first if you have pre-existing medical conditions like a history of cancer, stroke, renal failure, severe allergies, heart disease, migraine headaches, liver failure, or other conditions.  The same is true if you are on existing prescription medications so your doctor can give you any information about possible interaction issues.

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One of the biggest benefits of HardMan supplements is that you do not need a doctor’s prescription, and the supplements cost much less then prescription aphrodisiacs.  Users should read the bottle for the recommended dosage and take the supplements as directed.  It is not recommended to take more than four pills in 24 hours, which I assume could lead to some embarrassing results.

Another benefit I have found of using the HardMan all-natural supplements is that I have an increase in my self-esteem.  I know that if I get into a situation where I will have sex within the hour, I just need to take my recommended dose and I know my performance is going to be better and longer than before. I just keep a few in a pill container in my jacket pocket, just in case! I have been taking the supplements on and off for about two years, and every woman I have dated has complemented me on my prowess in the bedroom.  If you are looking for an all-natural supplement because you want to avoid taking pharmaceuticals like viagra or Cialis, I recommend trying HardMan in order to improve your sex life for you and your lover.

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Dosage: take 1 - 2 pills 1hr before sex

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